hello and welcome to life[science]graphics, offering graphic design and illustration services for the life sciences and the biotech industry.

my goal is to give complex issues a simple, yet appealing form in order to make them accessible to a wide audience.

infographics & schematics

explain your science, products or services to customers in a clear and concise way with custom infographics and schematics that match your corporate identity 100%.

regarding style, the sky is the limit: from flat to pseudo-3d visuals and everything inbetween. get in touch to discuss your vision and we will make it happen.

3D illustration & animation

from photorealistic to adequately stylized: illustrate your science in captivating 3D stills or animations in a variety of styles.

all 3d items can be individually modelled to make your presentation truly unique. no stock materials are used unless requested.

branding & corporate design

make your company shine with a brand identity that reflects your science through a tailor-made logo, decorative elements, matching color schemes and crisp font choices.

starter packages including logo, colors, fonts, key visual, schematics and custom icons to get your first website going.

webdesign services available through collaboration with a highly skilled web-designer upon request.

posters, journal covers & publication-ready figures

everything you need to get your science out there, for web, print or both.

full figures for review articles, graphical abstracts or conference poster layouts, we got you covered.

editing of scientific texts, including manuscripts and grant applications, in english and german

pitch decks

tailor-made powerpoint presentations for your investor or board meeting. accurate, clear and concise schematics to explain your scientific background. streamlining of existing pitch decks to ensure ease of understanding and maximum recognition value.


let's work together

please feel free to contact me about your project using the details provided here or through my LinkedIn profile. talk to you soon!

Dr. Tobias Hohenauer
Guardinistr. 163
81375 Munich


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