2. Juni 2022 Tobias Hohenauer

In this post, I would like to introduce the packaging design services offered here on life[science]graphics.com.

What? Packaging design specifically for things like reagents, lab equipment, and other life science products and consumables you say? What for, you say?

Well, to some degree you are right. Chances are small that your reagent kit or other products will have to face competition while sitting on a shelf in a physical store. People tend to order most life science products online and get to see the packaging only upon delivery.

Nevertheless, the box that your customer will hold in his hand will not only  represent your brand identity, it will represent you, your employess, your coworkers, your whole company. Should it look like your 5 year old nephew doodled on a cardboard box?

If your answer is no, please continue reading below.

It all starts with looking for the right container. Knowing what’s going to be in the box is, of course, crucial for choosing the vessel that transports your product from your warehouse into the hands of your client.

For this post, I went with a classic traybox, which might be mostly suited for flat things, short reagent containers or things that can be placed inside the box horizontally.

In my case, I wanted to include something that is contained within the box rather than the box alone. As the life[science]graphics logo depicts the Escherichia virus T4, also known as T4 bacteriophage, I decided to base the contents around this magnificent biological entity.

To the top right, you can see the box in its opened state along with a decorative booklet containing all the fun facts on the T4 bacteriophage. The inside print consists of a repeating T4 pattern on a cool grey background. The outside sports the life[science]graphics staple bioluminescent green and a slightly darker, large T4 on the top and the side flaps.

In the box, there is not only a booklet to be found. There is an actual build-it-yourself T4 cardboard model waiting for you!

It consists of three pre-perforated cards with double-sided print. Once you break out the T4 shapes, all you need to do is put them together following the included manual card.

If you feel that your product deserves a special box design to really make it shine, please drop me a line (the rhyme was totally unintended).

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