14. Februar 2022 Tobias Hohenauer

Today, I would like to briefly introduce all my social media outlets, and why I use them.

Whereas the primary advantage of being on social media is of course visibility and search engine optimization, each platform has its own benefits for a freelancing business. Here are my two cents about the channels I use.

1. LinkedIn

This has become my go-to place for posting and networking alike. Most agencies I work with have first contacted me here and, it is easy to find new leads and interesting people at the same time. Additionally, I heavily rely on LinkedIn for getting the latest news from the biotech and life science sector. I even set up a company profile here, yet I am unsure if this is really the way to go. Boosting posts with money would be tempting, but at the same time, I think I can reach people just as well organically when posting on my personal profile. If you have experience with boosting posts or doing it regularly, please leave a comment below. I would be happy to hear about people’s experiences.

2. Instagram

Rather than being useful on a professional basis, Instagram is maybe more of an old habit that is hard to let go of. When I first started freelancing, I primarily used it to find inspiration or new styles to adopt. In turn, I made a point of not only posting pretty pictures but adding step-by-step information on my design process. Then, my workload started going up little by little and I simply did not have the time anymore to post on Instagram regularly. As a result, I lost most of my followers and reach. Recently, I started posting there again, but so far it is pretty pictures only.

3. YouTube

My rationale behind using YouTube is currently twofold: On the one hand, of course, I would like my animations to get noticed by a broader audience. On the other hand, longer animations in HD do come at considerable file size. Hosting a 2-3 minute long video on my own website does not seem practical at this point and I, therefore, decided to only self-host shorter animations. The longer material can be found on my YouTube channel and I will provide previews and links here on lifescience-graphics.com.

4. Twitter

What to say about Twitter… Well, everyone is there, so it seemed only natural to open an account. I just did so very recently, so I do not have anything going on in terms of use or other benefits. What I can say though is that for now, I will not post videos on Twitter. I tried once, but the quality becomes abysmal and I have no idea how this could be the case on „the“ social information platform.

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