4. Februar 2023 Tobias Hohenauer

Logo for a friend.

Hello and welcome back to my blog, the Lab Journal.

Today I am going to describe the process of developing a logo for my good friend Hiroaki who runs a lab at the IGAB PAS in Warsaw, Poland.

In terms of briefing what I got was his team’s official name: “Genome Editing and Transcriptional Regulation” and the mention that they frequently use the CRISPR Cas9 system in their daily research work.

As Hiroaki is from Japan, I focused on the concept of a Japanese family crest style logo with DNA editing as the main image. Japanese family crests are often times circular with one or more prominent shapes that often depict flowers, and but also the families source of income or social standing.

Let’s get to it!

Technically, I tried to base my logo on the circular golden ratio model, also called Fibonacci spiral (A).
Let’s throw in a bunch of these guys for good measure… overkill?

Yes, probably.

I am not even sure if this is supposed to be used like this. Either way, I placed all those circles there to show how I used them to define the shapes of my logo elements.

Their spacing is determined by the three highlighted circles, which are just one size down from the largest circle (B).

Logo elements.

My first logo element is scissors.
“Gene scissors, DNA scissors” or sometimes “Molecular Scissors” are all names used to describe the CRISPR Cas9 system to the general public. And in fact, one application of this system is to introduce double-strand breaks into DNA to modify the included genetic information.
As the logo goes by a Japanese family crest theme, it had to be a Japanese style of scissors, the itokiri basami (糸切ばさみ) traditionally used to cut threads when sewing.

The three circles highlighted on the right define the scissor shape.

My second logo element is a DNA double strand (I know, no major and minor groove here. Artistic freedom, I guess…). The double strand height and spacing are determined by circles from the Fibonacci spiral.

Sticking to the circular Japanese family crest theme, this one was inevitable: the largest circle defines the overall shape of the logo. Now, all we need are some connections between the strands, symbolizing the paired nucleobases adenine +thymine and guanine + cytosine.

Final logo.

And here is the final logo for Hiroaki’s team “Genome Editing and Transcriptional Regulation” at IGAB PAS in Warsaw, Poland, together with a logotype suggestion using Montserrat bold from Google fonts.

More logos can be found in the logo gallery.

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