21. März 2022 Tobias Hohenauer

life[science]graphics offers journal cover design services to make your research shine.

Unfortunately, even the greatest results and the most stunning cover art will not guarantee you a spot on the cover. Similar research topics, institute affiliations, or similar color choices on the cover of previous issues will prevent yours from being published. So give up without even trying?

No way!

Minimize your risk with the life[science]graphics multi-format deal: in addition to your journal cover you will get image formats meeting the requirements for your institute’s press release, preferred social media channels, or presentation slides. Even if your cover does not make it to the top, you can still reach out to your audiences and advertise your findings with fantastic visuals.

For this post, I prepared a mock journal cover on transcriptional regulation in three different styles. The first version uses an approach I would like to call science fair: plastic-like materials, metal poles that hold individual pieces, and lighting that reflects a diorama setup.

In the second version, I went with a look often used for molecular displays. Vibrant colors and lots of subsurface scatter in the materials on a mysteriously dark background. The only thing I left out is the standard glossy (or slimy?) look of this kind of illustration, which may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Finally, I rendered the whole scene in a comic book style with flat colors, bold outlines, and a reduced color scheme to reflect the variety of styles you could choose from when going with life[science]graphics journal cover design service.

Which one is your favourite? Please leave a comment below!

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